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The fall quarter immerses me in the busiest time of year for my photography business.  It is a mental struggle for me to focus on my work and put The WMB on the back burner.  I love my photography work, but I have found The WMB feeds my soul and it is really all I want to do.  But, with the project still in an “infancy stage”, it must be “subsidized” by my real job.  This morning I realized, even when I do not have time to share the people I am meeting, there are countless stories from others that I can share.

Being self-employed, most days I work alone in my office.  To cut through the silence, I often stream KUOW.  This morning, when I opened the site to link to live audio streaming, a bi-line immediately caught my attention, “Bhutanese Refugee Bridges a Cultural Gap” by Radioactive Youth Media and Srikar Penumaka.  It’s a great piece…if you have five minutes, listen to Bhutanese Allan Kafley reflect on 17 years spent in a Nepalese refugee camp and the five years he has spent resettling in the United States.

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