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Fundraiser for the Sherpa community of Thame, Nepal

Sherpa_0811_16In 2012, I met Phurba & Lakpa Rita Sherpa, my life was forever changed.  They inspired me to start The World in My Backyard.

I shared my idea with them and asked them if they would be my first “subjects”.  Would they allow me to interview them (something I had never formally done) and share their stories?  Without hesitation they agreed, but Lakpa shared he was leaving two days later for an expedition in Tibet.   He was to be gone for 7 weeks.  I said we could meet when he returned, no problem.  But again, without hesitation, they said they could meet the very next day…this was the first indication of who this couple are…ALWAYS giving.  Always helping others without hesitancy.  They are two of the most humble, generous, kind people I have ever met.  You can learn a little more of their incredible story here.

Lakpa has been mountaineering guide for over 20 years, helping his teammates and Alpine Ascent clients summit the highest peaks in the world (Lakpa has been to the summit of Mt. Everest 17 times and is the first Sherpa to ever climb the Seven Summits).  He was a first responder in last years Everest avalanche and was responsible for delivering his lost comrades to their families.  Phurba has been a childcare provider and mother to their three children for a similar length of time.  They take care of people and now their family and Sherpa community are desperately needing support.

Please consider joining the REBUILD THAME IN MAY campaign for the Thame Sherpa Heritage Fund.

Donate $1 for every day in May and a prayer flag with your own personal message and image (optional) will be will be made on your behalf (or you can create your own).  The prayer flags will be flown in Thame in the rebuilding year ahead.

flag leonard flag100% of donations will hit the ground in the remote mountain village and the Sherpa community will be able to see the faces and the messages behind the giving.  I believe it will uplift their community in a very unique way.  Connections in our backyard and around the world are essential to creating a peaceful, united world!!

I hope you will join me in the REBUILD THAME IN MAY.  Share it with friends near and far.  The more funds raised, the more impact can be made.

You can have your own flag making parties.  It is a wonderful way to get children involved and have them realize they can make a difference.

Please contact me if you have any questions or to volunteer with me.

In closing, I will leave you with images from Thame taken from a smartphone.  This community needs all the attention, love and support they can get!  I look forward to the day when I will share images of a village reborn with prayer flags from Seattle and beyond flying high amongst the houses.

Phurba's mom




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  1. Their tears and emotion tells the hardship they went through. I congratulate for his great achievements and success in mountaineer . Good luck
    wishing you well from
    South Africa

  2. Lhakpa La & Phurba bahini Just want to remind you the Nepali Ukhan : “PAHILA DUKHA PAUNU BANEKAI PACHHI GAYERA SUKHA PAUNE BANEKO HO” You deserve this.

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