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“Key to Happiness in Seattle”

2015 March 27Louis Turner2

“I have lived in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood for 22 years. Four homes over the years, but always the same neighborhood. I have realized the key living happily in this city is not having to get on a highway or cross a bridge.”

You can listen to how my son and I came to meet Louisa in a parking lot on 45th and how her sharing reverberated in the next few days of our lives.


When Louisa saw my 9 year old with a camera around his neck snapping a picture of the mural, she shared her curiosity in what we were doing.  When she learned we were just beginning a photo project to capture Seattle street art, she asked if we knew of the round-about art near by.  We didn’t.  She shared the cross streets with us and then mentioned another, not to be missed mural a handful of blocks further down 45th Ave. in a Key Bank building.  Because of her, we discovered new art and eventually made a serendipitous connection with the graffiti artist who created the art in the Key Bank lot.

Here are pictures captured thanks to Louisa.  If you want to see more incredible art we found in the city, Oscar is super excited to share our new Seattle Street Art site:


Turtle at 41st & Interlaken


Ladybug on Sunflower at 49th and Burke.



Intersection of 41st and Interlaken

FullSizeRender (3)

Parking lot of Key Bank on 45th Art by They Drift

We had taken the image not long after we said goodbye to Louisa.

Two days later, we were on our way home after another mural discover outing.  Less than a 1/4 mile from my home, we found five graffiti artist working.  We were so excited to see artists in action.  We jumped out of our car and started taking pictures.  We soon realized two of the artists were the artists who painted the mural Louisa had advised was a “not to be missed” on 45th.  Because of Louisa, we were now familiar with the work of ‘They Drift’.


Serendipity prevailed a 1/4 mile from my home. They Drift artist found at work. Commissioned temporary art for walls on Harvard Ave.

Mural finish

Completed commissioned piece by They Drift.


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