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December 9, 2012

Months ago, my husband asked me if I had someone from Jamaica for The World in My Backyard.  When I said I did not, he immediately shared with me that there was a super nice Jamaican man, Milton, who worked in security where my husband works.  Milton and I exchanged emails and he agreed to an interview.  Time passed and I had yet to schedule the interview.  Last Thursday, my husband came home from work saying, “We are going to go squidding Sunday morning with Milton.” My first reaction was, “WHAT??”  I was excited by the idea of seeing how you catch squid but I was hesitant to go because I try my best not to know the person I am interviewing until I sit down with them.   To go or not to go squidding???

I know it sounds silly and the obvious answer would be to go.  But mentally, I could not stand the thought of “tainting” the project process.  Initially, I decided I would join my husband and boys.  I would take a few pictures of Milton and my family “in action” and avoid asking “life” questions.  The morning was cold and rainy.  I thought squidding with the boys may be a bust but the first time adventure ended up being one unforgettable outing.

Talking on the phone to a girlfriend, as I was driving down to the Seattle waterfront, I shared with her where I was headed.  She said, “What??  How do you even catch squid?  Do you use nets?  What??”  I told her I had no idea but I was excited to check it out.


We met Milton at Pier 62 along the downtown waterfront.  The warmth and openness that radiated from his smile and presence was enough to take the chill out of the frigid air and motivate everyone to put a rod in the water.  Given the inclement weather, the serenity of the scene was unexpected.   The new carousal was just south of us, ferry boats were streaming past on the water and my boys were laughing and loving learning how to catch calamari.  Who knew catching calamari was possible just minutes from our house?  I was hooked!December_03December_32 December_34

Oscar had the catch of the day for us…a 3 incher that put up a valiant fight before O landed him.  Milton pulled in a few more calamari before we had to head home.  The entire ride home the boys talked about scheduling our next



calamari adventure.  We are so excited to have a new friend in Jamaican-born Milton and a new favorite winter pastime and I cannot wait to learn the life journey that brought him to Seattle.


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