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Where is bus 66?

2015 March 26 Jamal and daughter smaller

“In 2012, I returned to Ethiopia to be with my mother, who was ill. I stayed with her until she died in 2014. It was a difficult and sad time. But I did meet my wife and we have a baby girl. I returned to Seattle last June, I am anxiously waiting to have them join me. I see so much of my mother in my daughter’s face.”



It had been on my mind for weeks to start doing a World in My Backyard (WIMBY) By Day.  As you will see in the WIMBY By Day subjects to follow, I do not have the same qualifier of being born in another country like WIMBY By Country.  The only qualifier is I will meet the person in Seattle and there was something about them that inspired me or impacted me.

Ironically, my first WIMBY By Day individual was born outside of the U.S.  We met on the corner of Roosevelt & NE 63rd Ave.   To learn more about our meeting & Jamal you can listen to the audio recording.

This is my first go w/ a new format (audio/podcast??), so please let me know what you think or if you have any advice or expertise to share.  I am a professional photographer and a very novice audiophile.


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